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Past Recordings

Attar Boulevard -

Attar Boulevard

Seamlessly joining timeless Persian poetry with contemporary musical genres including R&B, soul and blues “Attar Boulevard” features eight original songs jointly composed and performed by Rana Farhan and Steven Toub.  

Featuring the songs...Farewell Kiss; My Warm Tears; From You,Who I Am; Secrets; Dandelion; The Day; Careless Heart; Lonely

$12.99 plus shipping and handling


I Return -

I Return

The best selling album featuring the songs...Open The Door; Better Drowned In Wine; Drunk With Love; I Return; I Don't Know; Rumis Prayer; Don't Go Without Me; Since You've Been Mine

$12.99 plus shipping and handling 

I Return (Baz Amadam) - Rana Farhan


Your Wish -

Your Wish

Featuring the songs...I'm Drunk You're Mad; My Work; It Will Be; Ode To Life; Love Song; Spring Morning; In The Heart Of Fire; Your Wish; Moonlight

$12.99 plus shipping and handling

Your Wish - Rana Farhan


Moon And Stone -

Moon And Stone

Featuring...Tangled; One Breath; Slave To The Moment; Blind Star; I Stand By You; How Sweet The Sugar; The Moon And The Stone; Caravan(remix); Iran; For Our Heart

$12.99 plus shipping and handling

Moon and Stone - Rana Farhan