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"Rana Farhan grew up in Tehran, lives in New York, sings in Persian and English, sounds like Billie Holiday, adores blues and jazz, and is — in almost every other way — a unique cultural product of both her native Iran and her adopted country, the United States. No one else does what Farhan does on albums and in concerts: She combines the rich oral traditions of Persia with the rich oral traditions that originated in black, American culture. Farhan’s sultry, hybridized song book is a revelation to anyone who thinks they already know the full range of blues music." -Jonathan Curial KQED San Francisco



New album "Attar Boulevard" is out now!

Seamlessly joining timeless Persian poetry with contemporary musical genres including R&B, soul and blues “Attar Boulevard” features eight original songs jointly composed and performed by Rana Farhan and Steven Toub.  
“This is the album I always wanted to make. It reflects all the love and passion I’ve felt listening to this great music that I grew up with.”
The album’s title refers to Attar of  Neishabour, the 12th century Persian Sufi poet and  philosopher.  Rana and Steve view Attar's writings the source of insight that inspired their music and  informed the poems featured in them. In addition to classical poems by Attar & Rumi, “Attar Boulevard” includes a number of contemporary Persian poems including two by Rana's father Taghi Farhan.  

“My father taught me the beauty of poetry. He took great joy in sitting me on his knee and sharing his knowledge of the amazing craftsmanship that these wonderful Persian masters expressed. Not only with their words but also with the rhythm of their phrasing!”

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